TUG Locker Series

Published on Tuesday, 10th November 2015 - 2:22PM11/10/2015

The TUG LOCKER Series Inflatable is equipped with our roomy welded bow seat and fuel storage locker. The forward fixed all-aluminum vented locker accommodates a 3-gallon portable fuel tank and provides a versatile solution to seating and storage while preserving maximum interior space.

Made with super-tough, long-lasting Orca® Hypalon or durable, economical HEYtex® PVC fabric, TUG inflatable boats deliver superior performance and resistance to scuffs, UV damage, and chemical degradation. All Hypalon fitted boats are backed by a 10-year limited warranty, and PVC fitted boats have a 5-year limited warranty and offer a heavy duty, economical option that provides excellent durability and resistance to abrasions, moisture, and UV damage.

Every detail in the design of TUG inflatable boats expresses both a commitment to quality and a reverence for craftsmanship. Large tubes and beam create a more stable, dry ride and maximum interior space. Combined with the solid aluminum hull, TUG inflatables offer a ride that is smooth and very easy to maneuver.

Superior performance, minimal maintenance, and smart design are the signature qualities of TUG aluminum hull inflatable boats. Outfitted with features and details that excite even the most serious sport boater, TUG inflatable boats are lightweight, versatile, and downright fun.

Available boat lengths: 8' - 13'

For more information visit: http://www.tuginflatables.com/tug-locker-series.html