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Published by Richard Cromwell on Wednesday, 18th December 2013 - 6:25PM

 Sales person: Hi there, how are you folks today? What can we help you with? Customer: We're looking for an inflatable, but need some help. Sales person: Well there are a number of parameters that need to be considered before choosing an inflatable. Among these are: How you're going to use it? How you're going to store it? What you're going to be using it for? These factors are important because they will lead to the determination of the size inflatable boat, outboard, and davit system you purchase. For example: If you're going to use the inflatable just to take the dog to shore, a small inflatable would be reasonable. However, this would provide only limited usage as it would be considered too small and uncomfortable to cruise and explore the creeks and harbors. We normally recommend getting, or at least considering, the largest inflatable that you think you can deal with. Obviously, the size will dictate your ability to store the inflatable, what you might need to handle the inflatable and the related motor. The size also dictates the cost and the need for a davit system. How does this relate to what you would like to do? Customer: Well, I'm not quite sure. We just wanted to get the dog to shore and that was it. However, the idea of using it to explore is quite appealing. We could even just anchor out more, thus saving dockage fees. Sales person: To sum things up, the idea is to help you understand that the purchase of an inflatable boat is more than just the boat. It's a complete package which includes: the inflatable boat, the outboard and the davit system. All three of these items need to be considered regardless of whether you want to stay at the low end of the purchase range, or go to the high end. The end results are – if you go low end you will used the boat less because of the many excuses you’ll come up with not to use it. The more you spend the more you will use the inflatable because it will be easier to deal with and more comfortable and fun. Customer: Thanks, we had no idea how this all work together. Let us think about it and we’ll get back to you.

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