New AB Boats

AB rigid inflatable boats are built with exceptional standards using only the finest materials. Ab travels the world to procure superior components, working with the most reliable and respected suppliers in the marine industry. The result is an inflatable boat of unmatched craftsmanship and quality equal to that found on the most prestigious yachts.


Our superior rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) designs for the recreational pleasure boat and commercial marine markets are known and respected worldwide. Available in more than 60 models, our wide inflatable boats are manufactured with the highest quality materials and constant attention to detail. Every AB model has a unique forward hull design that creates a raised bow and enhances performance by enabling easier planing with less horsepower. This allows the boat to cut through wakes and chop, virtually eliminating spray. The result is a smoother, more stable, and drier ride than any other inflatable boat on the market.


We are dedicated to building the finest inflatable boats in the world. One measure of our unique success is achieving the 3 most stringent industry certifications: CE (Europe), NMMA (USA) and ISO 9001 Bureau Veritas (No. CO 237239-A). We do not merely use quality-control standards, we instead earn the strict certifications.

Innovation & Craftmanship

As part of our unshakable dedication to produce superior inflatable boats, we handcraft each boat to ensure even the smallest details are handled with care. The result is a full line of inflatable boats designed and built to please our customers, with the exceptional quality they have come to expect from AB.

Aluminum Ribs

Our aluminum hull RIBs are lightweight, enabling the use of lower-horsepower engines without sacrificing performance. This equates to less fuel used, and its resulting lower emissions.


Product safety is of the utmost importance for any boat builder. That’s why we only partner with the marine industry’s most trusted and respected suppliers, ensuring the highest-quality components go into every AB boat.