Video Feature: Christmas Parade of Lights on Newport Harbor

Published on Saturday, 30th November 2013 - 7:34PM11/30/2013
All volunteer and always popular! The crowds brace the cold last night on Newport Harbor as they watch 22 boats do a few laps in the annual competition to put on the best light show and show of team spirit on the water. 

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We're getting the official winner's list on Monday Morning - please check back on this program for further news. 

This years Parade Marshall was Newport's own Heather Abbot

Judging the event were: 

Mayor Harry Winthrop

Dr. Charlie Shoemaker

Jack Ellis

Robbie Benjamin

Sallie Ann Santos

Debbie Gomes

The organizing committee this was:

Tim Mills

Sara Schroder

Muffin Dubuc

Sue Cooper

Mike Muessel

Matt Gineo

Stu Abramson

video and images by Capt. Joe @ MarineMotion®