Freedom Boat Club RI

Published on Tuesday, 11th June 2013 - 12:31PM06/11/2013
Locations in Portsmouth, Newport and Warwick, RI.The boat is waiting.Why are you?Learn more This boating season, we want you to embrace your free time. Weekends don't have to be about yard work, and rest doesn't have to mean sitting on the couch. As a Freedom Boat Club member, you can head for the water, where we'll always have the boats ready and waiting. Our courteous staff takes care of all of the hassles of boat ownership for you, including maintenance, docking fees, fuel and cleaning, so that you can enjoy your free time out on the water. With a wide variety of boats and locations to choose from, we make it easy to spend time on the water! We have dockside locations in Warwick, Newport and Portsmouth, RI with a fleet of ready-to-use vessels for our members at each location. Our offices are located at 1250 East Main Rd. in Portsmouth, RI and are open year-round.
Welcome aboard to new staff member Keri Hicks, who will be handling reservations from the Portsmouth office!